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We supply only high quality Vapour Cigarettes, E Cigarette Starter Kits and E Liquids - in-store and online.

Our E Liquids are all lab tested and sourced from the UK, EU and USA - no cheap far-east imports! We stock quality E Liquid brands such as Flavour Juice. Vapour Cigarettes are fast becoming a popular choice for smokers due to money savings of 80% over tobacco cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy products available on the NHS.

Electronic Vapour Cigarettes and Premium UK E-Liquids

Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid

Electronic Vapour Cigarettes have become increasingly popular in recent years and have been adopted by millions of cigarette smokers as a viable alternative to smoking. Our high quality e-liquid contains a base of pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, with added pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and food-grade flavourings. This is heated up by the Electronic Vapour Cigarette to produce a vapour which is inhaled by the user. The cost savings for an average smoker (20-a-day) are in excess of £2000 per year.

Electronic Cigarettes provide a cheaper, cleaner, safer and more sociable way to enjoy the smoking experience without the smell, harmful toxins and by-products of traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-Liquids contain just the nicotine and not the many poisons, tar and chemicals that adversely affect the lungs of smokers and bystanders. 'Vapers' save money and feel healthier once they have made the switch to Electronic Vapour Cigarettes.

Many ex-smokers who have discovered Electronic Cigarettes and E liquid simply enjoy the new-found convenience of being able to 'vape' almost anywhere. E-Cigs do not come under the Smoking Ban rules.

Vaping Supplies Here At The Vapour Salon

We provide only premium high quality Electronic Cigarettes (Ecigs) and E Liquid, whilst many other suppliers are selling cheaper and inferior imported product. We like to have full traceability on our E Liquid products and to know exactly what goes into them to ensure that they are safe for our customers to use and to recommend to smokers amongst their friends and family.

Our wide range of vaping kits and flavoured eliquid allow our clients to personalise their vaping experience and enjoy the many flavours available. We have everything from traditional tobacco flavoured eliquids which taste almost identical to popular cigarette brands, to more exotic flavours such as Peach Schnapps and even the very popular Blackpool Rock!

Our Customers Love Us!

Electronic Cigarettes are not a path into smoking for those who do not already smoke. We see them as a viable and effective replacement and alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many smokers have tried other ways of stopping smoking such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and 'cold turkey' - and failed. Our clients include thousands of ex-smokers who now consider themselves to be 'vapers'. A smoker, having found the right electronic cigarette and eliquid, will rarely go back to tobacco cigarettes in our experience.

As a responsible retailer we ONLY sell to persons over the age of 18 years.

We Support NHS Staff Discounts

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