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Our Vapour Cigarettes and Accessories are carefully selected from a short list of trusted e-cigarette manufacturers who strive to deliver quality to give you, the customer, the best possible vaping experience. In turn the Premium E-Liquid we supply will only ever be sourced from the UK, USA or EU. Our very own Flavour Juice Range, with over 30 Flavours to choose from is made right here in the UK using only the very best food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Enjoy our Website!!!

Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid

Electronic/Vapour Cigarettes have become very popular over the past few years, and there’s good reason for this. The Tobacco Smoking public have switched to this viable and cost effective alternative to smoking with great success. Why, Lets have a little look.


Let’s do some Maths – We’ll go easy….. For a person smoking 20 Tobacco Cigarettes a day at £7.00 a packet they will be spending £2,555 a year – PHEW! Our customers are saving over £2,000 per year by using their electronic cigarettes (who fancies a Caribbean holiday). Calculating this saving is done by adding together the cost of the Starter kit (Kanger Evod 650mAh) £24.99, 52 weeks of fluid at £4.99 per week, 20 x replacement Coils at £40.00 per year and an extra £100 for any spares and accessories. This works out at just £425 for the year.

We can work the annual costing out for you should you like. Either pop into our store or send us details via the contact form and we will happily work out the saving for you.


Let’s talk Juice! All in all the E-Liquid can make or break your Electronic cigarette experience. It must produce taste and texture to satisfy. Premium E-liquid is the only way for this. What we mean by Premium is that the base ingredients (dilutant & Nicotine) must be clean, from reputable pharmaceutical suppliers only. When these are combined with Food Grade standard flavour concentrates, the mix becomes a winner. Our very own Flavour Juice Range is made in this very way, with ingredients sourced solely in the UK and USA. Be wise when buying your Juice – If it seems too cheap to be true it is most probably imported from less than desirable manufacturers outside the EU or USA.

Health and hygiene

As we only source Premium E-liquid from traceable sources please be assured you are in safe hands. Electronic cigarettes have none of usual carcinogenic usually found in tobacco cigarettes. Your new alternative to smoking will leave no harsh smells, require no ash trays and best of all no stained fingers!!!